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Updated 04/20/2008

2009 news

2008 news
Finally, Spring has arrived!! Just a short note to let you know we are NOW accepting Lady's Slipper orders for Spring 2008. Our website has been updated with our Spring offering.

VTLSC-Spring 2008 at Vermont Ladyslipper!

2007 news
Summer Greetings from Vermont Ladyslipper Company and thank you for checking in with us this Spring & Summer! Many thanks to all of you that sent your pictures, cards, notes and email with your Spring Lady's Slipper news & updates. A profusion of blooms all around. Good Growing!!

Overall, a mild winter for us with good snow cover coupled with major snowstorms St. Valentines Day and St. Patricks Day.

Spring 2007 on the other hand was very cold & wet combined with its late arrival. Hence due to these items coupled with time constraints and the very small Spring shipping window for the Cypripediums, we did not ship our plants this Spring.

As is customary for us that time of the year, The plants, Greenhouses, Shade Houses and a new outdoor test beds were prepped for the commencement of their 2007 growing season. Fortunately, as always, when Spring finally, FINALLY did arrive it was glorious with abundant spectacular & showy blooms. Here are a few pictures of blooms at Vermont Ladyslipper this spring.
VTLSC-Cypripedium henryii VTLSC-Cypripedium calceolus Despite the cold, wet, late Spring and wet Summer (so far!) the lady's slippers do not mind and they look absolutely fabulous . So while all this cool wet weather is great for plants........ NOT SO GREAT FOR VACATIONERS !!

A Spring special thanks goes to Jim Drake (creditable writer of numerous wildflower articles for North Carolina & its environs) for our special mentions.

Also, a special mention to Paul Perakos and his 1st Place AOS (American Orchid Society) award for the Showy Lady's Slipper (Cypripedium reginae). I am told its a first ever award for the Cypripedium reginae. A great accomplishment. Good growing and nice presentation Paul. Keep in mind.........many Cyp. reginae for sale this Fall at Vermont Ladyslipper Co. :-)

This year we are pleased to offer for sale three new species; Cypripedium henryii, guttatum and calceolus.

Please see the Cypripediums For Sale area of our website for all the details!

Early Spring 2006 news
Spring Greetings from Vermont Ladyslipper Company and thank you for checking in with us this Spring. Hope you had a good winter as well. Overall, a mild winter for us and cool Spring at this writing. We are already sold out for our Spring 2006 shipping season and shipping is now complete. This Spring we sold out incredibly fast and did not even have time to post our offerings on our website. Many thanks to our Spring customers. Enjoy your Lady's Slippers! Time is always short in supply at the nursery but we did find some to speak at the Manchester Garden Club in March. At our USDA Growing Zone 3/4 greenhouses the lady's slippers are only just emerging from dormancy....so will have to post later of their progress and bloom pics. At our other Vermont growing locations(3) only the zone 4/5 yellow lady's slippers emerging. Poking up about 5 inches at this time. As is customary for us this time of the year, The behind the scenes Lady's Slipper business activity is in full swing prepping our greenhouses & plants for the commencement of their growing season. Many of you in warmer climes have already written of your Spring Lady's Slipper blooms. Thank you for the updates! If you are like us (in a colder climate!) and can't wait for Spring Cyp. blooms check out our pics on our About Us & Photo gallery pages. We can't wait to see them in our greenhouses and at planned nature hikes this Spring. Alas, it is still too early here! Special thanks to Wildflower Writer, Jim Drake, for a mention in his recent article entitled "Botanical Heaven". Autumn 2006 Sales Since we plan to travel extensively and at different times this summer, please visit our website in the mid-summer time frame to get any updates for Fall 2006. Thank You! ...& See you then!
Mark your calendars Or we'll mark them for you! E-mail us with your name & address and we'll be happy to notify you of any updates at that time. NOTIFY ME!


Fortunately, I've learned that it's best to keep up with the NEWS lest you forget and end up with bullet point form news as below !!!

  • greenhouse 1 & 2 overhaul and maintenance
  • Offered our Cypripedium kentuckiense for the first time. Nice big plants!
  • Added many new 2005 bloom photos to the website. Over 100,000 hits to the website achieved this year! Thanks for visiting.
  • continuation of reintroduction projects
  • Cyp. calceolus, segawii, henryii and macranthos matured and flowered for the first time.
  • Fall sales & shipping & THANK YOU! Many thanks to our new & loyal customers for making Fall 2005 shipping a success.
  • continuation of research and development of the Lady's Slipper/Cypripedium species

In summary, we are happy to report that the year has been very good for
Vermont Ladyslipper Company and we hope for you as well. This year we have seen our largest and busiest shipping season ever !
Due to this unusually high demand and heavy workload in the Fall of 2004 we will not be shipping plants in the Spring of 2005 as these lab propagated plants need to be prepped in Fall for shipment in Spring. We will, however, have a nice assortment of Cypripediums for Fall 2005 shipment. Fall is also the ideal time to plant Cypripediums (hence our larger shipping season) as they have just entered an extended dormancy period and can be handled without the worry of the dormant eye buds activating and starting their Spring growth cycle.

Many thanks for your patronage in 2004 and we wish you a wonderful 2005!

In addition to our continuous Lady's Slipper growing, research and development mission the following is what happened in 2004; What we can remember anyway!

In March 2004 Scott was invited to give our Cypripedium presentation to the Albany Orchid Society. We also appeared in a Write-up in the Sunday edition of the New York Times Gardening Section. April, as usual, was spent shipping our Spring orders, opening our greenhouses for the season and planting our 2003 seedlings.
      In May we had first time blooms of our lab propagated Cypripediums formosanum, kentuckiense and californicum

Cypripedium formosanum Cypripedium ketuckiense Cypripedium californicum

Cypripedium favillianum
In June we offered for sale our Cypripedium favillianum for the first time !

Cypripedium pubescens x acaule
Our lab propagated Hybrid Cyp. pubescens x acaule blooms for the second year in a row.

Cypripedium acaule
A woodland hike in June provided this photo op. Biggest clump of acaule we've ever seen!

October-November brought our largest/busiest shipping season ever !! Hence, we ran out of time to prep Spring 2005 shipping. Sorry to our loyal customers. This will however make Fall 2005 even better!! Check with us in early June for any new goodies offered!

Well it's been a great and busy 2003 at Vermont Ladyslipper Company and because we have been remiss in updating this section of our website, the following is what happened in 2003.

In February 2003 we spoke at the Rutland, VT Gardening Club. May brought forth blooms of our lab propagated Cypripedium franchettii for the first time.
Cypripedium franchettii A special mention about us in the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine was published. April Shipping lady's slippers of course! In June Hybrid Cyp. pubescens x acaule blooms for the first time. We were mentioned in a Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper write-up. In addition (literally!), an expansion of an existing shade house doubled in size providing us with much needed growing space. Autumn 2003 was spent shipping our Lady's slippers of course! In November the Discovery Home and Leisure channel's Diversions program aired a segment titled "Rare Plant Growth" which featured our Nursery.
Many thanks to all our loyal and new customers in 2003. Thank You!

Well it's been a great and busy 2002 at Vermont Ladyslipper Company and because we have been remiss in updating this section of our website, the following is what happened in 2002. What we can remember anyway! A little different format....
In January 2002 we were busy taking orders and sold out unbelievably quick for Spring 2002 and began taking orders for shipment in October 2002. Special thanks to the Memphis Orchid Society for inviting Scott to speak about Cypripediums in January. A pleasurable experience! In February Our Big News was that Martha Stewart Living Magazine wrote a feature article about us and what else...our lady's slippers! Happy Valentine's Day!We also gave our Cypripedium presentation to the Littleton, NH Garden Club in their splendid Community center. They were all so gracious. Many thanks for a wonderful day! In March T'was our season for the flasking and deflasking of our seedlings in anticipation for Spring 2002 planting. We also gave our Cypripedium presentation to the Middlebury, VT Gardening Club April , as usual, is a very busy month in the lady's slipper business! We shipped all of our Spring 2002 lady's slipper orders. Many thanks to our Spring customers, your response was wonderful ! Our greenhouses were opened up for the growing season ahead. In addition, because we were bursting at the rafters, we built a large new shade house. We're growing literally !!!

May, June, July and August were certainly eventful and exciting media filled months! We were invited to CT to film a segment
on theMartha Stewart Living TVshow about us and our lady's slippers! It was quite thrilling and the episode aired in July. Anson Tebets of WCAX Channel Three News of Burlington also did a news feature "Botany Breakthrough" about Vermont Ladyslipper Company which was filmed in late June. Kevin O'Connor of the Rutland Herald wrote an in depth article about Vermont Ladyslipper Company as part an occasional series on Vermont gardeners and growers which appeared in August. We also appeared in an article of Dr. Richard Churchill's in People Places and Plants Magazine.
Cypripedium candidum Some of our first ever lab propagated (from seed!) Small White or Prairie Lady's Slippers (Cypripedium candidum bloomed for us this year and we were able to offer them for sale in limited quantities!

Cypripedium guttatum
In addition, our lab propagated Alaska Lady's Slipper (Cypripedium guttatum) was also another first time bloomer for us this year.

September, October and November were again fastpaced in anticipation of, and actual shipping, of the lady's slippers. Thank You to all our wonderful 2002 customers whom we enjoyed corresponding with throughout the year.
Many, Many Thanks To All Of You For A Wonderful Year!!!

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December 2001


November 2001

Our Fall Shipping Season has come to an end. Just a few more to ship this month.

October 2001

Our Shipping Season is in Full Swing!
A "Legal Ladies" mention in the Old Farmer's Almanac, Fall 2001 issue of Gardener's Companion!

September 2001

Much of our time was spent preparing for our fall shipping season.
A very sad month.United We Stand

August 2001

We have been busy taking orders. Otherwise a slow month for Cyp. News!

July 2001

Vermont Ladyslipper Co. was featured on Vermont's WCAX channel 3 news and the Across the Fence Show!

June 2001

Showy all in bloom in the greenhouse! As always a great month for Cyps!

Cypripedium Greenhouse 2 Interior & Lab Showies Blooming!

May 2001

T'is the season for Cyps! Some of our first ever lab propagated (from seed!) Yellow Lady's slippers bloomed for us this year!! It was a very exciting and much anticipated event!!! We'll post a photo of them here. It won't be long now until we are able to offer them for sale to our customers. Our Pink Lady's Slippers are blooming nicely too in the greenhouses :-) The Showy Lady's Slippers (those late bloomers!) are coming along nicely and should provide us a nice show in June also. We also visited and spoke about our lab propagated Cyps at the New Hampshire Orchid Society in mid May.
In addition check out the article on us and our lady's slippers in the May issue of Yankee Magazine. Visit their website at: www.newengland.com.

APRIL 2001

Same as March!! Snow! and more snow! is the news from Vermont :-) It has been a very busy April for us. We shipped all of our Spring Orders in April. We also un-flasked and planted all our 2001 Seedlings and the greenhouses are now completely full with Cyps. in varying stages of maturity !!

MARCH 2001

Snow! and more snow! is the news from Vermont :-) Luckily the Cypripediums don't mind all that snow. We are looking forward to Spring and Spring planting of our 2001 seedlings. Check out the article on us and our lady's slippers in the Spring issue of Garden Design Magazine. We're also in the process of adding a CONSERVATION page to our web site and it should be up shortly. This as you know, is an important issue to all of us concerned with our natural world.

February 2001
This month we have been busy flasking seed and have already sold out for our Spring/April Shipping Season. Thanks so much to all our Spring customers!! We are now actively taking orders for our larger Fall/October 2001 shipping season. February also had us in construction mode. We have just completed our NEW Cypripedium Flasking Laboratory! Also, FYI there is a small article about us in the Spring issue of Vermont Life Magazine.

January 2001
Happy New Year Everyone! Hope you all had a good holiday seaon. We have been busy flasking seed (tis the season) and taking orders for Spring 2001. With regards to our flasking we have made several breakthroughs in propagating some of the more recalcitrant Cyp. species! In other news, Vermont Ladyslipper Company also got a mention in the Spring issue of Country Gardens Magazine. We've also added a VTLSC and Cypripedium Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) page to our web site. Click here to view it  [OUR CYP FAQs]


January 2000

New  Greenhouse 3 Exterior  Newly built !! Cypripedium Greenhouse 3 Exterior

Pictured at left is our third and newest greenhouse ! We will be putting the finishing touches on it this winter. This is our largest greenhouse yet. It will enable us to expand and double our production capability. We expect to fill it to capacity with thousands upon thousands of first year seedlings this Spring! But you'll have to be patient for these in that they won't be mature enough for several years. Luckily, our other greenhouses are full of mature plants.

In other news, this has been our most productive flasking season to date! We have produced enough seedlings this year to literally double our inventory of plants in production.

Our most exciting success these past two seasons has been our ability to now produce large numbers of Cypripedium Candidum, Cypripedium Parviflorum and Cypripedium Pubescens. We are the first to flower large numbers of Cypripedium Acaule and expect to be able to offer them in reasonable numbers next season

February 2000
For those Vermonters receiving the Champlain Business Journal, There is an article on Vermont Ladyslipper Company

March and April 2000
Be sure to see our advertisement in the AOS's April's issue of Orchids Magazine!

It has been a very busy April for us. We shipped all of our Spring Orders in early April. Many thanks to our Spring 2000 customers. We also planted out all our 1st year seedlings (just out of flask). The new greenhouse has been completed and already put into service. The weather has been most uncooperative! It has been unusually cold and rainy and the sun finally shone on April 29th after what seemed an eternity.

May 2000
The big news is we now have our CITES Export Permit and are actively taking both Domestic and International Orders for fall 2000! Also be sure to see our Ad in this months AOS's Orchids Magazine.

June 2000
As at 06/01/00 Cyp. acaule is blooming nicely in the greenhouse! Now accepting orders for blooming size Cyp. acaule. Please see the "Cypripediums For Sale" area of this web site for this one of a kind offering of laboratory propagated Cyp. acaule.

A BIG SURPRISE!! On June 11th this little seed laboratory propagated Cypripedium passerinum was in bloom in our greenhouse!!! Never having seen one live and in person, it was quite a thrill! Maybe next year our little Cyp. passerinum will have some of its siblings in bloom to keep it company :-)

On an interesting sidebar it appears to have self pollinated itself and has formed a seed pod which we'll certainly put to good use in propagating a second generation of these.

Cypripedium passerinum (Sparrow's Egg Lady Slipper)

July 2000
The first week of July in the greenhouses. The beautiful, rare and very Showy Lady Slippers in all their glory!

Cypripedium reginae (Showy Lady Slipper)

August 2000
Be sure to see our advertisement in the AOS's August's issue of Orchids Magazine! Otherwise a slow month for Cypripediums :-)

September 2000
This month, be sure to see our feature article on our nursery, Cyp. acaule and Cyp. reginae in the September issue of Orchids the Magazine of the American Orchid Society, Volume 69, number 9.

Our fall shipping season is fast approaching and we are gearing up for this busy time. So lady slipper enthusiasts don't delay in ordering!

October 2000
Our Shipping season is now underway! Just a few weeks left to order your lady's slippers this autumn!

New Englanders and Quebecers! Monday October 23, 2000 at 7:30 p.m. Vermont Public Television (VPT) will air the Rural Free Delivery show with a segment on Vermont Ladyslipper Company. Filmed in July 2000.

November 2000
Our Fall Shipping Season has come to an end. Just a few more to ship this month.

December 2000

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